We offer tastes to please your discerning palette in a calming environment. With over 250 selections on our menu you'll find something different every day that is to your liking. We offer Chinese Japanese and Thai style fresh food. Prepared by skilled chefs using old-style and time proven flavor principles. We don't offer 'fast' Asian food and the difference is noticeable in the quality.

Break up your hectic work day every day with a lunch that feels like a vacation.Our friendly wait staff come from all parts of the globe and during a slow moment you may learn a new word or hear a story while listening to soft Asian music.Where else can you get a healthy lunch from all the basic food groups served with vegetables. Vegetarian style offerings are also served .

Ambience and the menu changes at night fall. If you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a gathering place for many, East Cuisine offers a memorable experience. We have authentic Asian style foods and foods that suit American tastes. Some have complicated names but once you try these you will be astonished at the thought and time put into the offerings. Please join us and come back soon!Please feel free to bring your own wine or beer.